Minecraft Force Op 1.6 || 1.5.2 Minecraft Hack , Server Exploit [Mac\Pc]

Minecraft Force Op 1.6 Free Download
Finally Minecraft Force Op 1.6 has been released today as of 01st july 2013.
This is a minecraftc force op 1.6 exploit that works on ALL bukkit servers (and now vanilla). Thats right this will tell you how to get admin on any minecraft server! Simply type in your username that you have used to join the server, and the IP address of the server. Make sure this information is correct and click submit.

New Version 1.6 Main Features
-Faster overall lighting system
-Support for fancy lighting control
-Support for more realistic lighting, such as active furnaces only giving off light from their front surface

And new features : 
Resource pack system
Replaces the texture pack system.
A conversion tool which converts texture packs into resource packs was released by Dinnerbone and is available here.
Fonts[2] (partially)
Language file
End credit
End Poem
Splash text
New "missing texture" texture
Attribute system
Item attributes using NBT tags:
Attributes can be additive, subtractive and multiplicative using a set value
Some items have default modifiers in place of previously hard-coded attributes
Examples of possible changes players could make: A bow that slows the holder, a helm that buffs health, etc.
Entity attributes:
These properties can now be changed as easily as any other NBT attribute
Entity speed, base health, base attack
Other properties like weapon damage/bow draw speed/sword swing speed are yet to follow

Note : it Works on all latest versions 1.2.5 to 1.6[PC/MAC]

Download Link: Click Here

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